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Wigli W1 ergonomic chair
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The Wigli W1 is an ergonomic chair with a carriage of solid beechwood and a rotatable beechwood seat.

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Designer: Aad van Dommelen

With a Wigli you can prevent or even get rid of back trouble.

• Recommended by physiotherapists
• Solid beechwood product
• Specially designed 22mm seat composed of three types of rubber



The flexible seat can move in all directions. Simply by keep­ing your­self in balance you bring your back in shape.


The Wigli W1 has an extra soft seat where it is most im­por­tant: under your sit bones.


The Wigli W1 is available in three heights: M, L and XL.
Choose the right size based on the length of your lower leg.

Size M: lower leg length of between 44 and 50 cm (body length ±165 to 180 cm)
Size L: lower leg length of between 50 and 54 cm (body length ±180 to 190 cm)
Size XL: lower leg length of between 54 and 58 cm (body length ±190 to 200 cm)


Determine the length of your lower leg by sitting with your knee against the edge on a table. Then measure the distance from the table surface to the bottom of your heel.

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